GRP-Home is capable of producing products, ranging from gas capsules (CLG/LPG Cylinders) of few litres up to Tanks and silos of 850000 cubic meter in capacity.
All companies have problems with green house gases and air pollution in one way or the other, we do have special scrubber designs for specific performance "the most effective wet scrubber for removal of Styrene".

We design/produce or repair according to PLN-83 or BS/EU/AEA/ISO standards.
Prototypes and product developement from A-to-Z
Each product is controlled in three phases: prod-5 (6K) prod-2 (26K) prod-3 (4K) prod-4 (15K)

Further more we are fully qualifed for: prod-9 (40K) prod-7 (43K) prod-6 (29K) prod-1 (49K)

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