GRP-Home has developed few designs and products that need financial support for patenting them and negotiating the patent rights so that these products can hit the market.

  1. A unique Vertical Wind Turbine with very high yeild and 100% safety of the generator and has no mechanical add-on systems and it is very quiet (at 12 m/sec) that can be installed in back yards of homes, very safe for inside cities.

  2. Soft drink delivery system which reduces the number of cans-bottles and plastic containers and enhances the sale of the product which is best suitable for new softdrink producers.

  3. Unique shelter or housing units which are self sufficient and have many advantages over any currently available similar products.

  4. Complete city pollution cleaning system which removes 85 to 95 % of air pollutions without changing the number of cars or factories or removing the sources of pollutions. This is suitable for all metropolitan cities from china to Mexico.

  5. A unique Turbine has no equivalent in the world so far (prototype was built and tested).

  • The patent rights can be negotiated on a very fair basis so that the investors get their return ASAP with full security. For this matter contact us and we let you know the conditions.

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